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 Talks about science communication

   Sharon Ann in still from AAAS 2021 talk
    I have given talks
about science writing and broadcasting for events including the AAAS Annual Meeting, and as part of teaching modules for King's College London and other universities. I have also given training for professional science writers. Read more....

 Science and magic shows

Einstein magic show

     Magician Tony Drewitt and I first teamed up in 2005 to create the family show Physics and Magic - A journey beyond E=mc2 which we followed the next year with Science and Magic - Journey to the Land of the Pharaohs. Both shows were performed at The Jewish Museum in London. Read more and see photos....  

Science and history of toilet paper

loo roll
    Having previously written and broadcast about the topic, in 2005 I gave a talk on the science and history of toilet
paper at Milestones museum of social history. Read more about toilet paper and my talk.... 

Talk to accompany children's book The Way Science Works

  GOSH talk in 2003
        In March 2003
I gave a talk with audience participation on The Way Science Works at my old hospital, Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital in London. Read more....

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