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    To read my 'Working Life' articles in Science please click on the respective titles. 

Strength in disability, March 27, 2015 issue; Life inspires applications, October 17, 2014 issue.

Science Careers

    Links to articles I have written since 2011 for the online magazine Science Careers can be found on my articles for Science Careers page or my Author page on the Science Careers website.

Physics World

    Please follow this link to read my 2014 Physics World article Navigating new cultures that reveals how several physicists have successfully managed cultural differences when working or studying overseas. (This link will download the free pdf of the March 2014 Graduate Careers supplement.) Similarly to see my 2013 Physics World article Medal-winning presentations about using ideas from sports psychology to help give better presentations, please follow the link which will download the free pdf of the March 2013 Graduate Careers supplement. 

    My September 2014 feature Leadership required, which investigates what it takes to lead CERN, can be read by clicking on the article title. Meanwhile to read some of my earlier features for Physics World, written between 1998 and 2000, please click here.

Materials World

    The following link will take you to Sculpting the urban landscape, my feature about the materials and processes used in the creation of public sculptures, published in the April 2015 issue of Materials World.


    In 2009 I began writing for E&T (Engineering and Technology), the members magazine of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET). My most recent articles can be viewed online by clicking on their respective titles.

Cancer Treatment: proton beam therapy coming to UK 

April 18 2016 online, and in the May 2016 print edition 

    Hidden behind hoarding on Grafton Way, near Tottenham Court Road in London, a building is taking shape that will house a revolution in patient care in the UK – a high-energy proton beam therapy centre. Read more....

Include or Lose: Design for the whole market

March 14 2016 online, and in the April 2016 print edition

    Ever had trouble shaking ketchup out of a glass bottle? Now imagine struggling to unscrew the lid of a marmalade jar every breakfast time because you don’t have the strength to grip it firmly enough. Read more....

Dawn of the new P2 age

Nov 9 2015 online, and in the December 2015 print edition

    In early June 1934, Cock o’ the North, a huge new locomotive with eight 6ft 2in driving wheels, went on display at Ilford, Aberdeen then Edinburgh after its launch at King’s Cross. Crowds flocked to see the London and North Eastern Railway’s (LNER) No 2001, the first locomotive of the innovative ‘P2’ class designed by LNER chief engineer Sir Nigel Gresley to haul long passenger trains on the steep Edinburgh to Aberdeen route. Read more....


    A selection of the scientist profiles I wrote between 2006 and 2008 for the Institute of Physics Interactions newspaper can be found by clicking on the following links:
John Hassard, Feb 2007; Jim Al-Khalili, Mar 2007; Pete Vukusic, Apr 2007;

    I also wrote an article for Interactions about my visit to sculptor Antony Gormley's exhibition at The Hayward Gallery in London in 2007. Please click here to read it.

Times Higher Education Supplement

    To read a selection of my 2000 and 2001 news stories from The Times Higher Education Supplement, please click here.

New Scientist

    Several of my New Scientist articles written between 1997 and 2000 are available online (in full to New Scientist subscribers and in part to non-subscribers). Please go to my articles for New Scientist page for links to them.