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Understanding SolidState Physics

"5 stars for each category - Academic Content, Usefulness to Student, Usefulness to Teacher, Meets Objectives, and Accuracy."
Summary Review from UK Physical Sciences Centre Reviews, July 2010.
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2 CRYSTAL CLEAR - Bonding and Crystal Structures
crystals 2.1 Bonding in solids 
2.2 Crystalline Solids

3 THE REJECTION OF PERFECTION - Defects, Amorphous Materials and Polymers
plastic pegs 3.1 Defects          
3.2 Amorphous materials                                       
3.3 Polymers

4 STRESSED OUT - The Mechanical Properties of Solids
suspension bridge 4.1 Introduction to mechanical properties of solids  
4.2 The right material for the job 

5 IN, OUT, SHAKE IT ALL ABOUT - Diffraction, Phonons and Thermal Properties of Solids
5.1 Diffraction       
5.2 Lattice vibrations and phonons     
5.3 Thermal properties 

6 UNABLE TO RESIST - Metals, Semiconductors and Superconductors
electricity pylon 6.1 Free electron models of electrical conduction    
6.2 Energy band formation      
6.3 Simple band theory
6.4 Elemental and compound semiconductors 
6.5 Superconductivity 

7 CHIPS WITH EVERYTHING - Semiconductor Devices and Dielectrics
chip 7.1 Introduction to Semiconductor Devices       
7.2 Optoelectronic devices      
7.3 Device manufacture      
7.4 Dielectrics 

8 LIVING IN A MAGNETIC WORLD - Magnetism and its Applications
audio tape recorder 8.1 Introduction to magnetism     
8.2 Types of magnetism      
8.3 Technological applications of magnets and magnetism

APPENDIX A - Some Useful Maths    
A1 Vectors
          A2 Cartesian coordinates
          A3 Derivation of selected equations
APPENDIX B - Vibrations and Waves
B1 Properties of waves
          B2 Wave behaviour 
APPENDIX C - Revision of Atomic Physics     
C1 Atomic structure and properties
          C2 Electron shell notation
          C3 The Periodic Table
APPENDIX D - Revision of Quantum Mechanics     
D1 Fundamental ideas of quantum theory
          D2 Quantum behaviour of particles
APPENDIX E - Revision of Statistical Mechanics    
E1 Use of statistics in solid state physics
          E2 Probability
          E3 Classical statistical mechanics
          E4 Quantum statistics
APPENDIX F - Glossary of terms


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